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vivo ego sum



ego sum vita
vivo ego sum

We all feel, one way or another, one feeling or another. Within the realm of psychology, we can try to understand all the processes that go inside of us to produce such feelings. In the realm of art, I am trying to put into the canvas something I find very hard to reach.

This art project aims to separate, analyze and put together human expressions that can be translated into feelings. A furrowed brow, a shy smile, and sad eyes. All of them can vary, and all of them can result in many different emotions.

Our facial expressions are our non-verbal language. We can communicate everything and anything through them, but some people find them hard to understand and even harder to interpret them. Other people can read a face like a book, and know instantly what the other person feels.

Many people also suffer from mental illnesses that affect their perception of the world, what they feel and what they perceive others to be feeling.

As a viewer and/or collector, you are free to interpret any facial expressions this character produces and build its own story. Connected to you or not.

This project also aims to celebrate life, as we are, at this moment.

We feel, and we are alive. We are life.

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