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CECHK is the pseudonym used by Gabriela Cecchin (b.1999), a Brazillian visual artist. Graduated in English/Brazillian Literature and Linguistics, she seeks to unite language and art through her works.

Bridging the gap between emotions and the act of expressing them, digital painting is her favorite medium. Her works can be deeply personal and universal at the same time, exploring themes about our neo-cyberpunk society, mental illness, trauma, substance abuse, and existentialism. Exploring language and chaos through her art, creating her works with traditional and digital techniques, she searches for the tangent connecting all the realities we make within ourselves.

Artist Statement

A fraction of the self -  this is a phrase that is constantly stuck in my mind in the art process. Finding fractions of us in everything, and exploring the expressions in painting is what makes me able to communicate with the world. My works can go in circular themes - a reflection of my own brain and subconscious self. Being private and public, destroyer and creator, quiet and loud: is in the paradoxes that I find the most interesting things.  In the search for the meaning, I find my artworks going in between what I can explain in representative-surrealist chaos. The human figure and what it represents is my current obsession and experimentation field.

Nowadays, I’m focusing on working on tools that can bring paintings on a 100% on-chain contract.

Lic./B.A, Universidade Estadual do Paraná




upcoming - NFT Paris 2023

upcoming - NFT.NYC 2023

Metafísica Group Exhibition, Non-Fungible Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, Curated by Carlos Marcial
DoinGud x WOCA: Gender Equality exhibition, The Void Gallery, Curated by Indira Iofeye
#TRASHART: NFT GARBOLOGY, L'avant Galerie Vossen, Paris, France

CADAF Art, Paris, France
Every Woman Biennial - My love is your love, Superchief Gallery,  New York, NY
F*ck Wall Street Exhibition, cryptovoxels, curated by Stellabelle
Dreamverse, New York, NY, curated by metapurse

Take me to the moon - Somnium Space VR World
Take me to your burn - VIRTUAL BURNING MAN WEEK - Somnium Space VR World
Crypto Art Show 2020$, Innerspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Max Osiris
She Art - London Gallery,  Cryptovoxels, curated by Angie Taylor
eNeFTee - An A.I. Curated Gallery, eNeFTee Gallery, Cryptovoxels

Press, Interviews, and articles



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Other Remarkable things:

One of the fouding members and part of the executive team of the first female oriented cryptoart collective  “WOCA - Women of Cryptoart”, founded in 2020.

Cover Art for the single “Trick me Again” from the album  “Others Die” by  Mighty33, first  blockchain Only album release experiment on the etherum blockchain 

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